Risk and Control Self Assessment (RCSA) Framework

Our services are geared towards ensuring an organization identifies, tracks, monitors and remediates its IT control weaknesses as well as ensure it maintain its control strengths across the entire IT environment. We deploy risk based audit approach to ensure critical areas of exposure and control weakness are brought within a manageable risk level.
IPCONNECT Consulting Inc will provide top-notch service delivery that is second to none in the industry through our wide access to the best resources in every segment of Information Technology.

IT Audit, RCSA

  • Allow the organization to easily manage its IT Control weaknesses
  • Implement a GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) framework for managing IT risk and enforcing compliance
  • Identify and manage process driven controls surrounding critical IT/Business processes
  • Conduct periodic and continuous test of key IT/Business controls - based on risk
  • Increase the institutions ability to manage IT/Business risk - Risk Acceptance, Compensatory/mitigating controls
  • Minimize financial loss due to security/control compromises - IT fraud/E-Commerce in general
  • Reduce violation of internal policies due to weak controls - system parameters, etc.