IT Resource Sourcing

One of the core areas of our organization's service delivery is the provision of quality IT resource to meet any short fall in your IT resource needs. Often times, organizations deploy this strategy to lower operational costs, reduce labor expenses and the freedom to focus on core business operations.

We have several advantages over all other IT sourcing agencies in the industry especially in the area of sourcing professional IT Audit and control/ IT Risk/IT Security professionals as this is our core area of specialization.

Software Quality Assurance
Our strength over other agencies:

  • We have a good understanding of your IT resource needs and the skill-set required to deliver quality and efficient service
  • We don't just send you a resource but we'll vet their skill and qualification to ensure we provide you with quality resource that will add value to your business
  • We have experienced and certified IT Audit and Control/IT Security/IT Risk professionals in-house that will interview and validate IT resource strengths and weaknesses and identify the best fit resource to match your need before they are sent to your organization

Our goal is to correct the weakness in the IT Sourcing industry where non-IT Audit and Control/IT Security/IT Risk professional agencies are recommending just any resource to meet urgent and critical IT resource needs. This has resulted in some of the following:

  • Loss of valuable time to meet set goals due to lack of experience and skill set to deliver required service
  • Several of the IT sourcing agencies lacks the understanding of the job requirement, hence, inability to vet the candidates
  • Loss of financial resource. Often times it takes longer time to realize that the provided skill set is not fit for the job
  • Loss of confidence in the IT Sourcing industry
  • Potential risk of compromise due to recommendation of poor security, audit and control practices
  • Loss of stakeholders' confidence in Audit and control/IT Security/IT Risk units and departments as a result of poor service delivery
  • etc

We want to be the institution you can trust to bring you the best IT Risk Management professionals to meet the short fall in your IT Audit and Control/IT Security/IT Risk resource needs.